US Freedom Capital

US Freedom Capital stood out to us because of its commitment to the highest standard of ethics and its transparency. Compared to many other firms we researched, US Freedom Capital had the greatest amount of expertise - both from an angle of real estate and US immigration. We can’t thank them enough for their tireless effort!

Sushil M.

With the help of US Freedom Capital, my family and I were able to secure the EB-5 visa, which, in turn, gave my daughter access to some of the best universities in the world. We chose US Freedom Capital because of their reliability and dedication to making the immigration process as smooth as possible.

James S.

US Freedom Capital gave me a lot of confidence throughout the EB-5 process. The firm’s background, experience, and support was exceptional. Not only did they make the entire process hassle-free, but they also provided a level of detail that many others in the industry do not.

Ansen Z.

The H-1B Nightmare

One of US Freedom Capital’s investors shares his personal difficulties of dealing with H-1B and why he chose EB-5 as an alternative for his family.

Why US Freedom Capital?

Krish considered many regional centers for his EB-5 investment, but ultimately chose US Freedom Capital. Watch the video to find out why.