What You Need to Know

Gross returns are different from net returns.

The returns advertised on a bank FD (gross) are drastically lower than the earnings you receive at the end
of an investment (net).


  • Gross returns do not include:

How Does This Affect Me?

Inflation: The Hidden Tax

In many emerging markets, inflation can act as a severe tax that reduces your earning power and increases losses.

Currency Depreciation

With depreciation in emerging markets, your cash and investments will underperform an identical investment in USD.
This can:

Our opportunities in US real estate can help you earn a gross rate closer to your net rate. How?

USD Strength

The strength of the USD acts as a natural hedge in a foreign portfolio. Why?

The USD is backed by one of the world’s strongest economies with high growth rates.

Investments in USD are not as susceptible to EM currency volatility.

Investing in an appreciating USD helps you earn stronger, consistent returns.

Less Risk with US Real Estate

Protected by the stability of the world’s largest economy and 250 years of property rights, US real estate brings high returns at significantly lower risk.
Many of our projects are focused on non-cyclical asset classes.
Unlike the hospitality sector, which is the worst performing asset class in a down economy, non-cyclical markets are stable, predictable markets with:

Zero Taxation Outside of India

Our products are specifically structured to give offshore investors, including ORIs and NRIs, tax-free income in USD.
What Does This Mean?

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