US Freedom Capital

The US Freedom Capital team combines decades of experience in commercial US real estate, immigration,and investment management.

  • Three former highest-ranking officials at US Immigration (USCIS)
  • Over $3 Billion commercial real estate experience
  • Decades of banking experience
  • Investment management for Indian UHNIs

Executive Leadership

Eduardo Aguirre - Director

Eduardo Aguirre Director

Eduardo Aguirre retired in 2009 as US Ambassador to the Kingdom of Spain, and to the Principality of Andorra. Ambassador Aguirre also served President George W. Bush for seven years, including Director of US Export-Import Bank and Director of US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Ambassador Aguirre has 34 years of experience in private banking and was previously President of Bank of America’s International Wealth Department.

William R.Yates - Board of Advisors

William R.Yates Board of Advisors

Mr. Yates has 31 years of experience with the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). He began his career as a special agent with the INS in 1974 and rose through the ranks to become a senior career official at USCIS. As an immigration executive, Mr. Yates is primarily responsible for the creation of the EB-5 Investor Visa Program in 1990, and for its expansion with the Regional Center concept from 2000-2005.

Stan Bradshaw-Director & Chief Executive Officer

Stan Bradshaw Director & Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Bradshaw has over 35 years of experience as an entrepreneurial leader. In 1990, he founded The Bradshaw Group and successfully guided the firm to $350 Million in revenue over 22 years. He has founded a technology company in Dallas and has five-time recognition as a Dallas 100 company and is a four-time Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist. Mr. Bradshaw is a US licensed investment banker.

David Gunderson-Director & Chief Investment Officer

David Gunderson Director & Chief Investment Officer

Over his 25-year career, Mr. Gunderson has managed over $950 Million of commercial real estate investments. He has built and sold several successful companies in the commercial real estate industry, including architecture, construction, development and finance. Mr. Gunderson’s projects have been developed for the US government, Fortune 500 companies and numerous private owners. He is also a US licensed investment banker and Registered Investment Advisor.

Michael J. Petrucelli-Director & Senior Advisor

Michael J. Petrucelli Director & Senior Advisor

Mr. Petrucelli serves as US Freedom Capital’s liaison to the US government. He has held senior leadership positions in the US government, most recently as Acting Directorof US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Previously, he served as Senior Vice President for Operations and Chief of Staff of the Export-Import Bank of the United States.

Previously, he was Executive Director of the U.S.-Thailand Business Council, encouraging trade between the two countries. Prior to that he was director for Thailand, Burma and financial services at the U.S.-ASEAN Business Council, promoting U.S.-Asia trade relations. Mr. Petrucelli is a US licensed investment banker & Registered Investment Advisor.