Opportunity Zones Overview

The Tax Act of 2017 allows substantial tax breaks for re-investment of capital gains.

A Triple Tax Incentive

Investments in the US Freedom Opportunity Zone offers three ways to save
on you taxes:

Deferral of Capital Gains Taxes

Capital gains taxes from the sale of any asset are deferred until December 31, 2026

Step-Up in Basis

The original capital gain receives a step up in basis of 15% if held for 7 years

Permanent Exclusion

Investments in the fund held for +10 years will pay no capital gains tax on the fund returns

How Much Can You Save?

Want to know the potential tax savings on a 12-year
$1,000,000 capital gains investment in an US Freedom Capital Opportunity Zone Funds?

Assuming a 15% IRR return from commercial real estate development the following is a post-tax pro-forma

Year Event Conventional Investment
(no US Freedom Capital Opportunity Zone Funds)
US Freedom Capital Opportunity Zone Funds
Year 0 Year 0 Capital Gain $1,000,000 $1,000,000
Net Investment at US Freedom Capital Opportunity Zone Funds (After CG tax) $762,000 $1,000,000
Year 12
After Investment returns $1,953,046 $4,147,950
Investment returns (Net Cash Post CG Tax) IRR 9.44% 14.27%
See a detailed cash flow summary

(All amounts in USD)

Mitigate Your Risk

Our Competitive Advantage

Our US Freedom Capital Opportunity Zone Funds is uniquely designed with

Texas: The Land of Opportunity

US Freedom Capital has continued to choose Texas as its
preferred choice for its investment projects. Texas has