What is the Global Education Strategy (GES)?

GES is India’s only strategy aimed at financially securing the goal of funding expensive foreign education. Under this strategy, the investor makes systematic investments in US$ Debt instruments. This enables the investor to earn higher net returns in dollar terms vs investments in their domestic currency. The central theme of this strategy is to play the inherent strength of US dollar vs. EM currencies over medium to long term.

Where are the investments made?

Investments are made in bespoke debt opportunities into operational/existing and cash flowing facilities in healthcare and lease only residential apartments. These facilities are qualified under HUD refinance programme by US Federal Government. HUD refinance is a form of institutional exit, with a 100% track record.

What is the quantum of investment?

The strategy involves starting with a minimum investment amount of US$100,000. The total investment amount is flexible and is a direct function of the final intended foreign education corpus and the pay-out years of the same. Typically plans are made with the corpus from US$250,000 - 300,000 for Under-graduate (UG) to US$100,000 - 175,000 for Post-Graduate (PG) programmes in the top countries like USA, UK, Australia and so on.