What is US Freedom Capital?

US Freedom Capital is a boutique Investment Management firm, headquartered out of Dallas, Texas. With close to $280 Million in Investment Management experience, US Freedom Capital provides Dollar-denominated investments to global investors.

The Management team at US Freedom Capital have a stellar track record and decades of Investment Banking, Asset Management Real Estate experience

What does it mean- ‘it is registered with FINRA Stock Broker?

FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) is an agency under SEC (Securities and Exchange Commissions). In order to sell any kind of security or investment products one must be registered under these Government bodies.

EB-5 is an immigration as well as a financial product. Currently it is not mandatory to be licensed under USCIS to sell this immigration product. However, as it is a financial product as well it is mandatory to have a licence under SEC or FINRA to sell EB-5 investments. Companies that are not registered with the SEC or FINRA are rapidly being cracked down upon.

US Freedom Capital has been registered with FINRA from the beginning, they have their broker dealer licence in place and are hence lawfully selling the EB-5 investment program.

Is there any control of US Government on them?

USCIS is a government body which oversees lawful immigration to the United States. In order to set up a regional centre you require a licence from USCIS. To obtain this licence all companies including USFC has to undergo a lot of tests. Once USCIS assert their company’s credibility and issues a licence they do not oversee day to day operations. However, they review each project by USFC which gets submitted along with each application of investors, that is how US immigration keeps track of the projects as well as regional centre.

On the other hand, SEC looks into all companies managing money of international investors. USFC needs to mandatorily file and send all subscription agreements to SEC. A subscription agreement is the agreement signed between the investor and USFC. SEC is authorised to view any agreement as per their discretion. If SEC feels there is a discrepancy in the agreement they can raise questions and use appropriate methods to contain fraudulent activities.

At any point if the investor feels the money has been misused or has been wrongly placed into something they did not sign up for in the agreement, a complain can be filed with the SEC, who will investigate the matter.