Investment Highlights

Since 1990, the EB-5 Visa Program has given foreign nationals the opportunity for US permanent residency (Green Card) through investments.

Troubled by low returns from other EB-5 sponsors? US Freedom Capital’s exclusive FD+ Green Card strategy gives you:

  • Secure returns (6-8% p.a.)
  • Immigration expertise
  • Stable cash-flowing US real estate
  • 100% Track Record

Your Benefits From an
FD+ Green Card

Green Card Access
Experience You Can Trust
Family Relocation Income

EB-5 is a Better Student Visa

How Much Can You Earn?

The FD+ Green Card The Traditional EB-5 Visa
Annual Return (%) 6-8% P.A. 0.50% P.A
Target Returns over 5 years $400,000 USD $12,500 USD

Your Success Comes First

“I considered many traditional EB-5 projects before we stumbled upon the FD+ Green Card program by US Freedom Capital. Upon researching and speaking to members of the team, I realized that through the FD+ Green Card route, I could not only secure my family’s future abroad but also afford that future with the income from the returns of the FD+ Green Card strategy. Highly recommended!”

A Client Story

Deepak invested in our Adora Midtown Park project, a medium sized healthcare facility worth $32 million

His Outcome?

A US Green Card, and a target return of 8.1% to diversify his portfolio.

His Experience?

US Freedom Capital earned our confidence for three main reasons
The investment delivered an ROI sufficient to support our relocation to the U.S. We felt our capital would be safe because the principals had also invested in Adora- they were an investment partner rather than broker. We were confident because the project was fully capitalized prior to our EB-5 investment.