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EB-5 Process & Timeline

As a prospective EB-5 investor, we’re here to help you understand the EB5 program requirements and the Green Card processing time. Here’s a comprehensive overview of everything from the wait time, to necessary documentation required.



1 Month 2 step-icon
  • * Select USFC investment option
  • * Sign subscription agreements for the selected investment
  • * Prior to filing I-526 application to USCIS, fund investment amount
1 step-icon
  • * Engage law firm and pay legal fees
  • * Law firm confirms investor eligibility
  • * Compile documents with attorney
1-2 Month 4 step-icon
  • *Funds released from escrow on confirmation of I-526 receipt by USCIS
  • * USFC invests funds into the project
1-2 Month 3 step-icon
  • * Complete I-526 application with the law firm
  • * On completion, fund remainder of legal fees, and USCIS application fees
  • * Attorney submits EB-5 Application (Form I-526) with USCIS
  • USCIS reviews I-526
  • Estimated 18-36 months
  • (dependent on USCIS waitlist)
1-6 Months for applicants outside of India, China,
and Vietnam (depending
on Consulate waitlist)**
5 step-icon
  • EB-5 Application (Form I-526) Approved!
0-6 Months
(investor’s choice)
6 step-icon
  • * Interview at US Embassy or Consulate with family
  • * Confirmation of identities and grant US entry permit
  • * Receipt of EB-5 Visa Immigration Kit
7 Step icon 07
  • * Investor and family land in US under entry permit
  • * EB-5 Visas processed at airport and applied to passports
  • * Walk out of the airport as US Green Card holders!
24 months
Green Card
8 step-icon
  • * Investor establishes US residency
  • * USFC Concierge Program assists the investor and their family to ease into US lifestyle
9 step-icon
  • * Compile proof of residency
  • * US Freedom Capital provides proof of investment
  • * Attorney submits Form I-829 to USCIS
10 step-icon
  • * Investment matures
  • * Funds are returned to the EB-5 fund and held in cash until I-829 approval
  • USCIS reviews I-829
  • Estimated 24-36 months
  • (dependent on USCIS waitlist)
11 step-icon
  • Return of Investor capital plus interest after adjudication of I-829 petition by USCIS
11 step-icon
  • EB-5 Visa Process Complete with Legal Permanent Residency
  • Each Green Card holder has the option (separately) to apply for US Citizenship after:
  • * Five years from receipt of Green Card
  • * 1,000 days of presence inside the US
**For wait times in India, China, and Vietnam please contact us for more information.

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