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What is the EB5 Visa?

The EB-5 Investor Visa Program is an opportunity for foreign nationals to receive permanent residency in the United States through a $500,000 investment in qualifying business projects.

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EB-5 Investor Visa Program

Why EB-5?

EB5 investors receive almost all of the benefits of being a US citizen, giving you, your family, and future generations, access to an exceptional quality of life as well as:

  • Protect and insure all EB 5 project capital

    Path to Citizenship

  • Provide regional representation throughout the globe

    Lower Tuition Fees

  • Maintain 100% track record of US Green Card approvals

    No Employer Sponser

  • Combine over 30 years of experience in immigration, investment management, and commercial real estate

    Work Authorization
    Sponser for You and your Spouse

  • Provide advice on structuring your outbound LRS investment

    Live and Work
    Anywhere in the USA

  • Assist with structuring source of funds documentation

    No Lottery - 100%
    Approval Track Record

How Do I apply?

At US Freedom Capital, our job is to make the EB 5 process easy, clear, and worry-free for you and your family. Simply contact us to start the process!

EB5 Process in Detail

Start with US Freedom Capital

As your investment advisor we do more than help you earn your EB-5 Visa Investment.

  • 100% Track record of success in EB5 Green Card approvals

  • Two former directors of US Immigration (USCIS) on our board

  • World-wide presence with regional offices globally

  • Protect and insure investment capital

  • One of the founders of the EB-5 Investment Visa Program

  • Over 30 years of experience in immigration, investments, & commercial real estate

Your Success Comes First


Our Estates of Richardson project is a multifamily apartment complex worth $45 Million.

US Green Cards earned: 70 (100% success rate in EB5 approvals)

“I reviewed about 5 so called regional centers [for my EB-5 visa from India]...but the intensity and the passion with which the [US Freedom Capital] team explained to me the whole process was why I went with them”

-Krish R

EB5 Investment Visa
Our Projects

Texas: The Land of Opportunity

US Freedom Capital has chosen Texas as its preferred choice for its investment projects.
Texas offers:

  • A dynamic, booming economy
  • Zero state taxes
  • Diverse ethnic communities
  • Superior primary, secondary and university education
  • Significant job opportunities
  • Beautiful weather

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